• Phantom Blood: A nice gentlemanly get together between good friends, give or take the one guy who ruins it all for everyone else by trying to spike the tea.
  • Battle Tendency: The first party went well, so lets up the ante with a nice boom-box and tequila. The guy who went home first was pretty lame. Alright, who invited these three douche-bags?
  • Stardust Crusaders: The second party was a smash hit! Lets throw another one! This time were gonna invite everyone! Surround sound stereo!? Is he spiking the drinks again!?
  • Diamond is Unbreakable: No liquor you guys, were underage. This Italian food is awesome! Someone keeps stealing the finger-foods though...
  • Vento Aureo: Who cares if we're underage?! Only a few of us are! I don't remember grabbing this drink though. Someone ruined all the good italian food this time. Is someone prank calling the house?
  • Stone Ocean: So the last party got us in jail...Lets throw one right from the prison! See if I care!! We'll party until even the priests can't avoid joining in! Time really does fly when you're having fun!
  • Steel Ball Run: Never. Are we throwing a party like that again. There's something scattered throughout the house. I was in the mood for coffee, but I spilled it and someone took the napkins.
  • Jojolion: The aftermath of parties sure is painful. What did I do last night? Who are you? Is she naked in the bathroom? Are you sure you're really blind? My phone is out of whack, and I think someone from last night is stalking me.
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